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Cassie Minor

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 in response to Cassie Minor...   Hello,
I live in NJ. I could travel within the region by car or train. Possibly travel a distance out of the area with planning . Thank you for replying to my plight. I would appreciate any feedback.
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Cassie Minor
 in response to animalcrackers...   Where are you located? How far can you travel?

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I am a hard working parent that takes my job as a parent seriously. I work full time and I have 3 beautiful children that I spend all the money I make ... taking care of my children's needs. After all is said and done there is never anything left for me. I am in need of extensive dental work due to years of postponing what I need to do for myself. How can I get assistance? I am concerned that my dental problems will lead to serious health problems ... as it is I have both loose and missing teeth.
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I need Dential help, all my teeth are bad and infected I lost my job do to medical ,now I have no income, no insurance. could you please tell me where I could get Help. B.F. 19 Mace Circle ,Conway,AR 72032
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MR X273

can any one  help me find a dentist in my area i stay in Los Angeles CA with low or no cost that dose dental implants i just wont to smile and i fig at 23 i should be smiling but i cant becuz of my teeth

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I have seen your posts, which I found by google. I live in Lakeland Florida and have a horrific mouth. Cosmetic dentistry is desired, but I have a specific tooth that needs to come out RIGHT NOW causing severe pain and suffering. Do you have any suggestions for a money tight household?

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Cassie Minor
 in response to Sarah3...   


I wanted to catch back up with you to let you know the SC Dental Association will be holding a two day free clinic event in Charleston on August 27 & 28. Google SCDA for more information.


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 in response to daiseyann...   

Hi, Ann.  I worl with a company that can save you up to 80% on dental, and most dentists will work with you on a payment plan.  Check out to learn more, and let me know if you have any questions!  Best wishes, Rosie

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Hello, My name is Ann and I am in constant pain. I am on Medicare due to disabilities,and they don't cover dental. I have diabetes and many other medical problems. I am in pain from my disbilities but the tooth pain  makes all the pain just unbearable. I have been living on orajel.I need to find a dentist that will allow me to make payments on the work that needs to be done. I am 54 years old and I do have almost all my teeth, and with diabetes I know i have to be careful. Could you please advise.Thank You very much. Best regards,


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 in response to cassieminor...   


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My son has a abcessed tooth and we do not have the money for the antibiotics, nor to get it pulled. He has taken some amoxacillin.

We live in Little rRver, SC.

Please help us...Kay, his Mom.





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Dr Mac

my email address is I would love to talk to you.  I have what I believe to be a great idea.  So much so I talk to almost everyone I come into contact with.  I am tire of seeing people suffer because they THINK that they can not afford dental or medical care.  That is so much BS.  Contact me so we can talk.

Earl F. McLendon DMD


PS Publix is giving away antibiotics for free. Walmart is charing $4 for over 300 medications.  Guess what it doesn't  cost that much afterall, huh! 

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in response to...

Where do you live in SC?

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Hi Ms. Cassie, Would you know of any dental help in South Carolina? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks! Sarah

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